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Alteri is a behavioral health clinic serving Kentuckians who suffer from addiction and mental health issues.

Each client will be assessed and prescribed as an individual and treatment will be tailored to each client’s needs.

Alteri is one of Lexington’s leading drug and alcohol treatment programs. We specialize in treating difficult cases and dual diagnosis treatment.

With a wide range of comprehensive treatment methods designed to treat both addiction and the mood disorders that may accompany it, Alteri, Lexington uses proven, evidence based alcohol and drug treatment programs.

We depend upon our team of highly skilled and trained professionals to create a step by step plan of care to ensure the success of your drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Nestled among the rolling hills of Lexington Kentucky, Alteri is a multifaceted addiction treatment center that offers treatment for many different types of substance addiction.

Alteri does not permit, condone or tolerate discrimination in any form.  We welcome all individual clients without regard to: Sex or gender, sexual orientation, gender Identity or gender expression, racial, ethnic or national origin, skin color, age, marital status, religious affiliations or belief, physical or mental disability or functional limitation, military service or lack of military service or citizenship status.